Google Places Page Updates

google places page updates

Google Places Page Updates, Image via Wikipedia

Google Places Page Updates Automatically

Google will automatically update the Places pages of your business based on information its bot find on the web.  Google will send an email to business owners to verify this update.  So all the more reason to claim your Google Places Page … to make sure it’s updated correctly.

So what if you don’t have a regular business website?  Maybe someone posts an article about your business with the wrong information. Then your Google Places Page gets updated incorrectly.  All the more reason to get your business online.


Google Places Now Get Automatic Updates from Users, Crawls

Google is giving more trust to user reports on the address, hours, and operating name of businesses. Submitted updates will show up regardless of busines…

Publish Date: 10/17/2011 18:03

The Automatic Listing Updates

According to the official announcement of the change, Google is introducing a streamlined process for updates to potentially incorrect listings. In instances where data such as the business hours, address, or name of a location are submitted, “the organic listing will automatically be updated and the business owner will be sent an email notification about the change.”

Additionally, Google is working with partners to receive up-to-date information about businesses and has trained its web-crawler to look for current business data. In cases where Google’s systems gets new information from a trusted source, they’ll make an automatic update.

Meanwhile, business owners will get an email indicating that a change is going to be made. According to Blumenthals, the message from Google indicates that, “your listing data on our consumer properties such as Google and Google Maps” is going to be changed, but that “We use many sources to determine the accuracy of our listing data and to provide the best possible experience for business owners and consumers.”

 And some more information about keeping your Google Place Page Updated found on twitter

This is why it’s critical to update all the core data providers, not just your places page:

By Hoffman8 at 10/17/2011 9:45

Read about the geo sitemap generator here.

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Geo Sitemap Generator and KML Generator Explained

What is a Geo Sitemap and KML and Why Do I Need to Generate One?

A Geo Sitemap generator and a KML generator is a program or plugin that creates two small code files which tells the Google bots what your exact business address is. Well you say you have your address listed on your website and I’m sure you do.  But sometimes the way it looks to users is a lot different than how it looks to the bots.  There is a Youtube video below to explain more.

You don’t need a Geo sitemap generator or a KML generator if you know how to code one by hand.  The tools just make the process faster and more reliable, provided they work correctly and you know how to use them.  The files generated are very small.

geo sitemap generator generates two small files

geo sitemap generator generates two small files

You may need these files (Geo Sitemap and KML) to let the Google bots (is that what they are really called?) know what your business address is so that your business location can be correctly displayed in the Google Places Maps. All the other bots, like the Yahoo bots and the Bing bots will see these files too.

A Geo Sitemap generator is a little program that generated the correct code for you.  Depending on what program you use you then either upload the results file to your domain, or let the plugin do the work for you.

Below is a video that explains this is more detail.  At the end there is a link to purchase a plugin that works with WordPress to create the Geo sitemap or KML file.  It’s only $9.95. However, if you’d rather do this for free I found a free service. You can find it below the video.

The free tool:   Here is the link to the site with the free tool. Geo Sitemap Generator   With this tool you will generate a KML file and a Geo sitemap file.You’ll need to load these files to your root domain.   It is all pretty self explanatory.  If you have any question feel free to contact us.


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How Do I Improve My Google Places Ranking?

Know What Goes Into Your Google Places Ranking To Get More Customers To Your Business

Do you know what your Google Places ranking is? Do you even know what Google Places is? Odds are if you are anything like most other business owners out there you don’t. It’s one of the net’s most talked about secrets and the perfect vehicle to bring your business into the technological age.

The Internet is an integral part of our lives, and if it isn’t a major part of yours, I can guarantee it’s a major part of your customers’. They no longer stare at the ads in newspapers or yellow pages trying to find the best company for their needs. They go to Google and look it up. What does your Google Places ranking say about you? Probably not much if they can’t find you.

google places ranking depends of three factors

Google Places Ranking

Your Google Places Ranking is where you stand in the list on Google Places or the Google Maps.  It depends on a few factors.  This video from Google Places tells you and you can also read below for my thoughts on what they are really saying.

Factor One is how close your business is relative to where the searcher is located during a search. Google won’t show Orlando, Florida dentists to a person in Portland, Oregon (unless that person deliberately changes the search location to find business in another city.)

This is not really under your control.  Hopefully you have a good location near your customers.  If not you’ll need other methods like an extremely optimized website to attract customers.

Google is pretty good about keeping the location of the businesses shown in the search near the location of the searcher.  However, they will show businesses that are high relevant and a little farther away if they impress Google enough.

Factor Two: Is your Google place page optimized for the right services you offer? If you are an orthodontist and offer Invisalign, but you don’t add this to your Places page how the heck is Google supposed to tell someone looking for an orthodontist that offers Invisalign that you are available?

Some other aspects that might contribute to Google knowing your specialty would be if your company website had your specialty information on it or other websites containing your business information referred to your specialty.  Your best bet is to get the word out correctly everywhere you can including your Google Place page.  This goes for every local business, list your specialties.

Factor Three is how prominent your business in Google’s eyes.  There are several ways Google knows how prominent your business is.  Some of them might include how many other sites on the web mention your business. How many comments or reviews your business has on your Google page or other review sites like yelp and how many places your business is listed in other local directories.

To summarize: First you’ve got to get your Google places Page completely filled out with useful information that your customers can use.  Then you then get yourself known on the web for your business and specialties and your Google Places Ranking is going to improve.

Google Places Revealed!  Has all the secrets to getting a good Google Places ranking for your business.

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How to Create a Google Places Login to Claim Your Google Business Listing?

How Do You  Find or Create Your Google Places Login to Claim Your Google Business Listing?

Create Your Google Places Login

The first thing you need to do to access your Google Places page is to create an account in Google using Gmail.  Go to the home page and click the link in the upper left hand corner that says Gmail.

start at to login to greate your account

After you click on Gmail you can create a new account to use with your business listing on Google.  I recommend this because you can let one of your staff or trusted helper use that email account that is dedicated solely for marketing your business, with no personal stuff in there.

create a new gmail account

Create a New Gmail Account

So make up a name like bobsplumbingemail, whatever you want. Type in your desired name and the check availability until you find a name you want to use.

choose your desired login name

Choose Your Desired Login Name

Fill out all the required info, read the terms of service then click the “I accept. Create my account.” Button and you’ll have your new Google account.

click create my account

Click the Button - I accept. Create my account.

Signing into Google Places Account

If this is your first time to Google Places you have two options. First, go to Google Places and claim your listing if you have not done so.  Google has done a pretty good job of identifying most local businesses.  Chances are your Places page already exists.

Claim Your Google Place Page

Type in your businesses specialty into the Google search box, say barbers, in your location. Using barbers as an example, this is what I got performing a search for barbers in Ann Abror:

google places for barbers in Ann Arbor, MI

Click Places for Barbers or the Map

When you get to something that looks like this below you can look for your listing by scrolling down. Click on your listing once you find it.

Find your local business on the Google map

Now: Click on your local business on the Google map.

Next below:  Click on your listing, in the top right corner over the map if you see “Edit this place – Business owner?” Click the part that says “Business owners.?” and it will take you to the Google Places sign in.  Use the Google account information you just created.


choose business owner to claim your listing

Choose "Business owner?" to Claim Your Business Listing.

Google Places Login

After all this you will be takin to the Google Places login screen where you enter in your new Google Account informtaion.

google places login screen

Google Places Login Page


Second, if you have no page to be found on Google Places then you will have to create one from scratch. Go directly to Google Places login at this link .


You can also go to the Google Places Start page.  This gives you the option of creating a new account to claim your Google business listing or rating and sharing info about another Google Place business page.

Google Places Start Page

Google Places Start Page


You can get the complete guide to setting up your Google Places account here for $9.95 or contact us if you’d like us to do it for you.

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Google Business Listing: Why Every Local Business Must Make The Most Of Their Google Places Page

Before you could get a Google business listing, it was difficult for a new business to get its name out to the public without spending considerable money on advertising. People would scour the newspaper for advertisements and the Yellow Pages for listings when they needed to find a new doctor or a plumber.

google business listing for dentists

Google Business Listings

The Internet has replaced phone books and newspapers as the primary way people get information about businesses. Google created an application that gives businesses the opportunity to not only receive reviews by customers, but also create a custom page filled with pictures, videos and more absolutely free of charge.

A Google Places Page melds all the best parts of business information sites and makes it their own by adding features the business owner can utilize. Your Google business listing can shine above everyone else in your area, and all it takes is a little time and effort to create the perfect page.

a google places page

Most of your competition are not utilizing it to its full potential or have not yet claimed their Google business listing.  They haven’t utilized the page to its fullest capacity and are losing customers everyday because of it.  Is this you?  When customers go to look up a Google business listing for their area, many will come up, but will yours be one that show up in a search?

Why Use Google Places?

Even in small towns, often there are many businesses of the same type. When let’s say “your next customer” types “plumbing” into Google, Google will display a mix of information and usually the Google business listings, aka Google Places Pages, are a big and prominent part of the results.  There is your business (hopefully) and 3-7 of your top competitors in the mix for “your next customer” to see.

Let’s say you are popular enough to be right there in front of them at the top of the list.  Cool!  This means you are probably getting a lot of business from the web. Pictures of your staff and videos of your recent television spot or on-the-job videos catch their eyes. They click and find out how many years you were in business, your expertise and other information.

Who would you choose if you were looking for you?  The one that is right there in your face with a nice coupon offer, lots of pictures and a good description of how you are better than everyone else, or would you click through pages and pages to find the Google Places Page that looks like a neglected ghost town?

The amount of work you put into the site is completely up to you, but since it doesn’t cost a cent to set up, why not make is as good as possible?


You are no longer tethered to spending hundreds of dollars on a custom website (but having a good one helps) or rely on pages that only display reviews, which can be shaped by competitors and disgruntled ex-employees. Your Google business listing is yours and yours alone, and while reviews are present, they are only one small aspect to Google Places.

Businesses can get scannable codes that can be put on business cards and in shop signs. When customers scan these codes with their mobile device, they could be taken directly to your Google Places page or any place of your choosing. Imagine standard flier mailings that have this code. A quick push of a button on their phone and they open up a page devoted to how you can help them out with far more information than a single flier can convey.

A Google business listing is the premiere way to get your name out to the local area. You not only have access to Google’s free service, but the infrastructure, backing, and traffic of Google. There isn’t any place that has that much power and influence on the web when it comes to search, and your listing can be right there for your next customer to see.

Making the Most of Google Places

The proper utilization of your Google business listing isn’t as simple as just filling out some information on an electronic form. That’s what your competitors are doing, and that’s why yours is going to rise head and shoulders above them. You want to be the best and make sure your business is at the top of the search results.

You might want to check out our free Google Places Videos (optin required) or Google Places Revealed eBook for $9.95. Both are step by step guides helping you craft a Google Places page that will drive customers to your business. In this tight economy, business owners have to do whatever they can to get an edge on the competition and this is your guide to the ins and outs of making your best Google business listing.

“Google Places Revealed” is a step-by-step written guide that will teach you how to properly use Google Places to its fullest to drive customers and increase your revenue.  It also comes with additional resources to help you with the process. You get access to the videos too.  You are investing in your business and joining the electronic age by crafting the perfect Google space. Put your trust in the experts and grow your online presence using your free Google business listing.

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What is Google Places?

What is Google Places?

What is Google Places? You better read more.

Google Places is a free service from Google that lets you list useful information about your business for potential customers to see. When your business displays on Google Maps eager customers can click your phone number or find out more about your business immediately.

Google Places has become the go-to source for web savvy searchers looking for local businesses. Traditionally, businesses purchased advertising space in newspapers and magazines or television and radio spots to promote themselves to local customers.

Here is a Video from Google showing you what Google Places can do for your business.

The Internet has become ingrained into our lives and is the source for most information. If someone wants to find a plumber for their pipe that just burst, they simply hop online. When they want to know the best local restaurant for Thai food or what hardware store carries Craftsman tools, they go to Google.

Google makes this possible by serving up results based on the user’s location. So if a person is in Ann Arbor, Michigan and types in “find a lawyer”, Google Places will show Ann Arbor lawyers in the results.

Google Places works really well on mobile phones with apps for Android and iPhones making it the in your pocket yellow pages for today. It conveniently will show your business location on a map with a link to your customized Google Places site, and provides your “click to call” phone number so they can call you immediately with their phone. This is great for the person looking for exactly what you have to offer who is actually in your neighborhood wanting to buy now.

Who uses Google Places?

According to, 97 percent of consumers look for local business information online. They want to know everything, from menus and locations to hours and more. The web has many sites dedicated to providing information about businesses, but Google Places is designed to allow not only for customers to post reviews and ratings, but for business owners to add pictures and other details to make it a comprehensive experience for customers seeking information.

Businesses are no longer at the mercy of reviews by disgruntled customers or ex-employees. Businesses can add scannable codes (sometimes called QR Codes) to their business cards and other promotional materials. Customers scan them with their smart phone or tablets and are taken directly to the Google Places page.

Millions of businesses have already taken advantage of the many offerings of Google Places, and millions more are poised to follow. They have made the application an integral part of their marketing and advertising campaigns.

With a Google Places account, businesses have the backing and resources of Google at their fingertips. So many of the services are completely free and can be utilized by the business as a personal website. Many businesses don’t have the time, resources or know-how to craft a professionally done website. Google Places becomes the go-to web presence complete with your photos and videos about your business.

Utilizing Google Places

Like most marketing and advertising strategies, it’s all about how a site is utilized, both in design and implementation. A underutilized or poorly constructed site can lead to an actual decline in business since potential customer might get a bad impression of you and your business. An expertly designed site doesn’t help if people don’t know it’s there or the information is sparse or misleading.

Google Places Revealed” teaches business owners how to best utilize their space and to make sure their businesses are at the top of local searches. Large cities can have hundreds of restaurants, dentists, lawyers and similar business listings. When a person searches for Thai food, you want your Thai restaurant to be at the top of the Places page search results.

Where Does Your Business Rank In Google Places?

view your business's local rank

Discover Your Business Google Places Ranking at

To see where your business stands relative to the competition you can view your local ranking. Note the keywords associated with your business Google Place page.  For example, if you are a lawyer, you may rank well for lawyer but not attorney.  There are a significant number of people searching with both those words so you will want to rank for both to get all the business you deserve.

Google Places Is VERY Important! Muy Importanto!

Many businesses don’t understand the importance of the application and let their space sit and collect dust or worse yet, never even claim their free Places Page from Google. By taking an aggressive stance, you can increase your customer base and increase web traffic. You don’t want to be one of the faceless businesses that get skipped by the Google bots. “Google Places Revealed” teaches the best strategies and tactics to create unique space designed to drive customers to your store.

You can stand out in the crowd of competition when your Google Places page is fully functioning and your customers are interacting with you online. There’s no need to massively increase your advertising budget or spend hundreds, or even thousands, on a state-of-the-art website and development team. By getting the most out of your free Google Places page you will drive in new customers. “Google Places Revealed” is a step by step guide for correctly setting up your free Google Places page to bring in new customers.

You can’t afford not to use Google Places to its fullest. The antiquated ways of marketing and advertising your business aren’t enough anymore. Competition is fierce, and customers are keeping close eyes on their purse strings. They want the best deals and products, but unless you let them know about your amazing business, they go to the competition.

It’s a fact that 50 percent of new businesses fail in the first year. Don’t let your dream of finally owning your own business fall to the wayside because you didn’t join the 21st century and utilize the many free resources of Google, the number 1 search engine in the world, where better go to find services and products. The small investment of time to create and use Google Places can translate to increased business and revenue within a short time.

How Do I Get on Google Places or Get My Business Listing on Google?

“Google Places Revealed” is a step by step guide that shows you how to correctly set up your free Google Places page to bring in new customers. “Google Places Revealed” is an important tool in growing your business. While the rest of your competition is worrying about paying the bills, you can expand and relish the feeling of confidence you receive from using Google Places to its fullest potential.

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