How Do I Improve My Google Places Ranking?

Know What Goes Into Your Google Places Ranking To Get More Customers To Your Business

Do you know what your Google Places ranking is? Do you even know what Google Places is? Odds are if you are anything like most other business owners out there you don’t. It’s one of the net’s most talked about secrets and the perfect vehicle to bring your business into the technological age.

The Internet is an integral part of our lives, and if it isn’t a major part of yours, I can guarantee it’s a major part of your customers’. They no longer stare at the ads in newspapers or yellow pages trying to find the best company for their needs. They go to Google and look it up. What does your Google Places ranking say about you? Probably not much if they can’t find you.

google places ranking depends of three factors

Google Places Ranking

Your Google Places Ranking is where you stand in the list on Google Places or the Google Maps.  It depends on a few factors.  This video from Google Places tells you and you can also read below for my thoughts on what they are really saying.

Factor One is how close your business is relative to where the searcher is located during a search. Google won’t show Orlando, Florida dentists to a person in Portland, Oregon (unless that person deliberately changes the search location to find business in another city.)

This is not really under your control.  Hopefully you have a good location near your customers.  If not you’ll need other methods like an extremely optimized website to attract customers.

Google is pretty good about keeping the location of the businesses shown in the search near the location of the searcher.  However, they will show businesses that are high relevant and a little farther away if they impress Google enough.

Factor Two: Is your Google place page optimized for the right services you offer? If you are an orthodontist and offer Invisalign, but you don’t add this to your Places page how the heck is Google supposed to tell someone looking for an orthodontist that offers Invisalign that you are available?

Some other aspects that might contribute to Google knowing your specialty would be if your company website had your specialty information on it or other websites containing your business information referred to your specialty.  Your best bet is to get the word out correctly everywhere you can including your Google Place page.  This goes for every local business, list your specialties.

Factor Three is how prominent your business in Google’s eyes.  There are several ways Google knows how prominent your business is.  Some of them might include how many other sites on the web mention your business. How many comments or reviews your business has on your Google page or other review sites like yelp and how many places your business is listed in other local directories.

To summarize: First you’ve got to get your Google places Page completely filled out with useful information that your customers can use.  Then you then get yourself known on the web for your business and specialties and your Google Places Ranking is going to improve.

Google Places Revealed!  Has all the secrets to getting a good Google Places ranking for your business.

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